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Industry information

Wire cutting machine brings convenience

Time:2018-01-09 Views:78
The most important function of wire cutters in industrial production is to increase the automation of production and the actual efficiency of production. In the production process, the operation of all the processes is digitally controlled. The operator can complete the cutting and forming operations of the workpiece in a closed and control room. This is the most basic program of numerical control, and through such operation, On the other hand, there is a clearer improvement, that is, the safety of people‘s operations. Safety production has always been the most important part of work production. The use of wire cutters is fundamentally guaranteed, and the work efficiency and liberation of labor, as well as the guarantee of human safety, are the most The important content, the three are inherently indispensable. Just the application of the wire cutting machine meets all the requirements of these three points, so the era of modern industrial production relying entirely on CNC equipment has arrived.
   Generally speaking, if the machine has both an AC voltage regulator system and a high voltage power supply, the AC voltage regulator system must be turned on before the high voltage power supply can be turned on. The line cutter is also the same, and it takes 3-5 minutes to wait. After the AC voltage regulator is working properly, the negative line can be connected to prevent the high voltage power supply from being too strong. Direct connection may cause the machine to burn out. When running the machine to process the workpiece, it is also necessary to check whether the regulated power supply display is normal. At the same time, it is necessary to check whether the working display of the xenon lamp digital tube is normal. You can input the processing information first. After 5 minutes, the indicator light will display a green light, which means you can try. Only when the machine is running can the machining operation be carried out. It is forbidden to open the machine for immediate processing and work without discrimination. It is easy to operate due to unstable power supply, resulting in poor machine operation and serious damage to the equipment.
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