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How to do daily maintenance of the wire cutting machine?

Time:2018-01-09 Views:76
  The emergence of the medium-cut wire cutting machine can be said to be an important development of the national industry, and wire cutting machines are now used in many fields. With the advancement of society, wire-cutting machine tools are becoming more and more sophisticated in terms of development and use, and there is also a substantial increase in work efficiency. When the society and the market enjoy the convenience brought by the wire-cutting machine, it is also necessary to perform daily maintenance of the equipment. Only in this way will the wire-cutting machine increase its service life and bring more results. So how do you maintain the equipment? The first is the various systems of the equipment, a series of systems need to be checked according to the normal operation of the program. If there is an abnormal operation during the test, the equipment should be stopped. And contact the late technicians for repairs at the first time to ensure the normal use of the equipment. The above is a daily inspection to check whether the operation of each device is normal. The next step is the weekly inspection, most of which is concentrated on the parts. Because after a period of time, on the machine tool, more or less iron scraps left after processing will occur, then the staff will need to clean the residues well to ensure the normal operation of the machine.
  Another is the monthly inspection, mainly for power and air desiccant. Choosing a good place will ensure that operators and machine tools can work in the best possible environments. If there is an abnormality in the power supply, then the staff needs to adjust in time to avoid unnecessary things and increase trouble. As for the air dryer, it is necessary for the worker to clean it after a while and then use it during installation. In the quarterly inspection, the bed is still the main one. Because the precision of the wire cutting machine is higher, the level of the machine can meet the relevant requirements, and the final product can be used. Therefore, if it is not within the prescribed range, then it should be checked in time, and if necessary, please come to the professional maintenance technician for repair. There is also a proper replacement of the new oil on the main shaft, and cleaning is also necessary. Finally, the corresponding detailed inspections are carried out for several different important systems of the machine tool. For these major systems, if there is a problem, it will affect the production efficiency to a large extent. At this time, the cleaning of the cleaning, the oil change of the oil change. It is best to check with a professional mechanic so that problems can be solved in the first place.
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