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Combination and application of medium wire machine tools and processing principle

Time:2018-01-08 Views:67
The medium-traveling machine is mainly used for the processing of precision small parts, which promotes the development of electric fire processing. Now there are many combinations in the middle of the wire:
First, the main body of the machine: bed, wire frame, wire-threading mechanism, X-Y numerical control workbench
Second, the working fluid system
Third, high-frequency power supply: generate high-frequency rectangular pulse, the amplitude and pulse width of the pulse signal can be adjusted according to different working conditions.
Fourth, CNC and servo system Widely used in wire-cutting machine tools:
First, a variety of die equipment is usually applied. Second, support the processing of small and complex workpieces. Third, processing samples and forming tools. Fourth, processing powder metallurgy mold, inlaid cavity mold, drawing mold, corrugated sheet forming mold 5. Hard parts, thin sheets, precious metal materials can be cut or processed. Six, processing cams, special gears.
      The structure of the wire-cutting machine is not complicated, the cost is low and the consumption is not small. Therefore, its living space is not bad, but the quality is also a hard standard. Only when the enterprise produces a qualified quality product can it have a good reputation and market. Dongguan middle wire machine processing principle:
     In the processing method and technology of the wire-cutting machine, the repeated machining of the remaining part of the wire-cutting workpiece must first deal with the conduction problem of the workpiece to be processed, because in the high-precision wire-cutting process, the walking path of the wire electrode can be processed along the machining path. Reciprocating walking repeatedly, the ability to ensure that the workpiece is processed with high surface roughness and appearance accuracy, then the wire cutting process is based on the remaining parts of the workpiece to play a conductive role to ensure normal electrical processing. However, when cutting the remaining parts of the workpiece, if the remaining part of the workpiece is cut after the first cutting, the part to be cut and the mother body will be separated, and the conductive circuit will be stopped, and the inheritance processing cannot be performed, so the wire cutting process is performed. The conditionality and continuity are considered, and it is necessary to maintain the request for normal conduction with the parent even in the case of repeated cutting.
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